Item 3-3: HOPE CHEST
In The Details Gallery - Hope

Hope Chest
Artist: Tim Pastore (panels weaved by Lucas)
Material: Chery and Maple
Finish: Satin oil based finish
Item Number: 3-3

This piece was featured in the April 2010 issue of the Fine Woodworking Magazine (see article:  Four  Ways to Make a Panel Pop).

This hope chest is a wedding gift for a family friend. Tim and his sisters grew up spending summers with Maine with her and  her 2 brothers.  Their moms were teachers so they spent many weeks together during the summer. 13 years ago she lost her older brother to a car accident. He was just about to graduate from high school and it was a massive blow to the family. Tragically, this past fall, she lost her younger brother to another car accident. Tim wanted to make her a wedding gift that would focus on the future, a future full of hope.

The design is his own with inspirations from many different sources.

Hope chest – The hope chest frame is made of cherry. The joinery is mortice and tenon. The panels are made from woven maple strips and the panel grove also has some tongue and groove aromatic cedar on the inside. The inside of the hope chest has some horizontal runners at three levels for the interior boxes. These boxes can be stacked to one side, two can be placed on one level, or they can be removed to be used outside of the hope chest. The top is three pieces of cherry hinged with some beautiful brass hinges.

In The Details Gallery - Hope

Interior boxes – The interior box frames are made of curly maple with box joint corners. The top is a cherry veneer woven panel with a brass pin as a hinge. Inside the boxes are two removable trays. The trays have removable dividers and a suede microfiber bottom. The tops are opened by lifting a cherry handle on the front of the box.

 In The Details Gallery - Hope  In The Details Gallery - Hope

Everything is finished with a satin oil based finish.

This project means a lot to our family –  the wedding gift, the Fine Woodworking article, the time Tim spent with Lucas weaving the panels, finishing a challenging project – it will be a favorite of ours for a long time.

In The Details Gallery - Lucas Weaving Photo

In The Details Gallery - Lucas Weaving Photo

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