In The Details Gallery - Brazilian Curves Pen

The Brazilian Curves Pen

Artist: Tim Pastore
Material: Acrylic and Chrome
Item Number: 5-1

Tim and I went to a fancy pen store and I fell in love with some of the pens, however for some reason all the woman's pen had either a diamond, pearl or precious stone in it.  I wanted an elegant design without the bling.

I sketched out what I wanted and Tim modified a Navigator Roller Ball Pen Kit to make me this beautiful pen.  Since this pen was designed for me, it sits very comfortably in my hands.  I am so lucky to have a talented husband.

I need to take some photos of this pen outdoors without the flash, but it is too cold right now. I will wait until the Spring/Summer to take a better photo :)

In The Details Gallery Brazilian Curves Pen Image

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