Item 6-3: THE TORCH
In The Details Gallery - The Torch

The Torch

Artist:  Tim Pastore
Material:  Amboyna Burl
Approx. Size:  6 inches tall
Finish: Oil
Item Number: 6-3

I bought Tim a burl that I wanted him to turn into a vase, but it was too small and it became the piece called "Cup of Burl."   Tim found this very light colored Amboyna burl and made me this beautiful vase.   The top edge of the vase is the live edge of the burl.   It is called the torch because it looks like the Statue of Liberty Torch.   This is the first of a series of "Flame" themed turnings.

In The Details Gallery - TorchIn The Details Gallery - Torch

In The Details Gallery - Torch

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