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Drozda Tribute Hollow Vessel

Artist:  Tim Pastore (inspired by Cindy Drozda)
Material:  African blackwood, Madrone burl and Fiddleback Eucalyptus burl
Finish: french polish (Shellac)
Item Number: 6-6

Tim made this as a tribute to the Cindy Drozda series of hollow vessels.  He saw her beautiful turnings and wanted to try a challenging project.   The wood base and finial is African blackwood.  The cap is Madrone burl and the main body is Fiddleback Eucalyptus burl.  The finish is french polish (Shellac).  The turning took two nights, while the finish took ten nights.   This piece has a perfect mirror finish on it.
 Working with the shellac was a challenge. First, Tim applied  the shellac with an airbrush to keep the orange peeling to a minimum. Then he followed by  wet sanding with micro mesh up to 12000. The next step was to use Meguires swirl remover. There are absolutely no sanding marks left. 
The proportions of this  piece do not match the original plan.   The design was modified after the piece grew wings in the final stages of turning.

In The Details Gallery - Drozda Vessel In The Details Gallery - Drozda Vessel

This piece is not for sale.

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